Registered Office + Directors Service Address FAQs

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As part of the setup of your service, we will verify your identity to comply with Money Laundering Regulations. The Money Laundering Regulations 2017, and subsequent amendments, is UK Legislation that requires us to undertake background checks on all clients. We, therefore, undertake an ID check on any person(s) and companies who wish to become clients. We incur a charge for this and therefore pass this on to clients.  This charge is only incurred once when you set up your service.

As part of the sign-up process, we will request your full name, date of birth, and home address. Subsequent to this we will contact you requesting the same details of anyone that you have added to your package. For all non-UK citizens, and in some cases UK citizens, you’ll also be required to supply proof of your ID (for example, passport, driving license photocard, government-issued ID card, HM Forces ID card, valid Student card, employment ID card, disabled driver blue badge) and proof of address (for example recent utility bill, bank statement, mortgage statement, HMRC Notice of Coding). If requested, this information is required within 7 days.

We operate Calendar Billing. Depending on your package you may be billed monthly or annually.  Our regular billing cycle starts on the 1st day of a month and ends/renews on the last day of the month. Services that start mid-cycle will be aligned to the new billing date on the first renewal i.e., the customer’s service will go through one full billing cycle before it is aligned with the billing date. Whenever a service is aligned to a specific billing date, we will apply a prorated charge for the adjusted term proportionate to the offered service period.

Yes, one Service Address is included.  Additional directors or company officers are charged at £50+VAT per officer per year.

Statutory mail is official correspondence sent by statutory authorities in the UK. This includes mail from Companies House, HMRC, Office of National Statistics, Information Commissioner’s Office, HM Courts Service and The Pensions Regulator

No, statutory mail forwarding is included in your package price.

Yes, but we must have an up-to-date residential address for you on our records so that statutory mail can be forwarded to you if required.

No, if you wish to use the address for general business trading or personal mail, you must take a Virtual Mailbox or Physical Mailbox package and add your Registered Office & Service Address as an extra

In isolation a Registered Office & Service Address can only be purchased as an annual package. However, if its purchased alongside a Virtual Mailbox or Physical Mailbox you qualify for monthly payments.

A Registered Office & Service Address can’t be used for general business or trading purposes or as a customer contact address on your website or online.

You, or your agent/accountant, must change your address at Companies House

Once you have set up your service with us, we will send you a Welcome Email confirming your new Registered Office & Service Address to enable you to update Companies House.  We don’t recommend giving our address until your service is activated.

We do not offer Company Formation Services at present.  You can check here for company formation agents who can help you.

Your agent or accountant will be able to help you or you can check here for guidance.  To update your Registered Office & Service Address service with the Workstation after activation please email any changes to

There is no refund for early cancellation of your contract.

One calendar months’ notice is required to cancel your service

We provide you with a local area landline telephone number, and our operator answers your calls during office hours (Monday – Friday 9 am to 6 pm).  Calls are answered by an auto-attendant greeting in your Company Name and then transferred to a member of our team.  Our operator will answer your call, obtain the customer’s name, company, and purpose of the call, and then, if you are available, warm transfer the call to you on the telephone number you have provided.

Our operators will email you a message with the customer’s name, contact details and purpose of their call

Calls will divert to your chosen number where you have the option to answer, or callers will hear your auto-attendant greeting and be given the option to leave a voicemail or call back during office hours.

No, the set-up fee and periodic charge are all that you pay.

No, our operators are trained to answer your calls, transfer them and take messages for you.

We provide you with a local area landline telephone number, and all your calls divert to that number for you to answer.

Yes, voicemail is included within this service