Physical Mailbox FAQs

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As part of the setup of your service, we will verify your identity to comply with Money Laundering Regulations. The Money Laundering Regulations 2017, and subsequent amendments, is UK Legislation that requires us to undertake background checks on all clients. We, therefore, undertake an ID check on any person(s) and companies who wish to become clients. We incur a charge for this and therefore pass this on to clients.  This charge is only incurred once when you set up your service.

As part of the sign-up process, we will request your full name, date of birth, and home address. Subsequent to this we will contact you requesting the same details of anyone that you have added to your package. For all non-UK citizens, and in some cases UK citizens, you’ll also be required to supply proof of your ID (for example, passport, driving license photocard, government-issued ID card, HM Forces ID card, valid Student card, employment ID card, disabled driver blue badge) and proof of address (for example recent utility bill, bank statement, mortgage statement, HMRC Notice of Coding). If requested, this information is required within 7 days.

We operate Calendar Billing. You can choose to be billed monthly or annually.  Our regular billing cycle starts on the 1st day of a month and ends/renews on the last day of the month. Services that start mid-cycle will be aligned to the new billing date on the first renewal i.e., the customer’s service will go through one full billing cycle before it is aligned with the billing date. Whenever a service is aligned to a specific billing date, we will apply a prorated charge for the adjusted term proportionate to the offered service period.

Yes, if they don’t need to be signed for. Parcels that are the same size or smaller than your mailbox will be safely secured within your mailbox for you or a designated person to collect at your convenience. Parcels that are larger than your mailbox will not be secured within your mailbox and left in a safe place for you or a designated person to collect. Rest assured we will alert you to any oversized parcels promptly. Any parcels received must be collected within seven days.  We do not accept responsibility for the safe storage of parcels at any of our business centres and goods are not insured whilst on our premises.

Physical Mailbox is specifically for those clients that want to collect their mail themselves. If you would like your mail forwarded to you, please select our Virtual Mailbox package.

We cannot guarantee that someone will be available to sign for mail/parcels. Therefore, we recommend that alternative arrangements are made to receive “signed for” mail/parcels.

Your package includes the principal name you choose which may be a Company Name, Trading Name or Individual Name. Rest assured we apply a “common sense” approach to derivatives of the package name.  If you require mail to be received under multiple names you may add additional/different names at the rate of £30+VAT per year per name, or £3+VAT per month per name. If the additional names are individuals, we will require their full name, date of birth and residential address in order to comply with AML Regulations.   Individuals added to your account after activation will incur a AML Compliance Fee of £15+VAT.

 If you want to change the name on your package, please email with your name change request.  We apply a £20+Vat administrative charge to effect a name change.  

Please email your cancellation of service request to

There is no refund for early cancellation of your contract.

Your virtual office address is your business or trading address, which can be used on your business stationery and marketing material, for business banking, and on your website and online.  Please note that if you wish to use the virtual office address as your Registered Office and/or Directors Service Address for statutory use, you must add these items to your basket.  If you wish to add Registered Office Address and/or Director’s Service Address post-activation please email  

For a monthly package there is a minimum term of three calendar months.  For annual packages, there is a minimum term of 12 months.

Monthly packages require one calendar months’ notice, subject to a minimum term of 3 calendar months. Annual packages can be cancelled anytime prior to the renewal date.

We have meeting rooms at some of our business centres, please click here to see what is available – all our meeting rooms can be booked online.

If you give your access codes to someone else this is at your own risk; anyone using your access information to collect mail from your mailbox is deemed to be doing so on your behalf.

Your mailbox is located on the ground floor of the designated business centre with the exception of King’s Head House in Beaconsfield.  You can see the locations of the mailboxes by clicking the walk through 3d tours on our website.

26cm wide x 36cm deep x 11cm high

When we receive your Direct Debit Mandate, we send you a Welcome Email; this will include your front door entry code to enter the building, and access details (code or key) for your mailbox.

Type in your 4-digit unique code. Wait for the indicator light to turn green. Turn the lever one quarter turn clockwise. Repeat the process if you are timed out.

Immediately contact us and one of our maintenance team will attend at the earliest opportunity.

After checking out, you’ll receive a Welcome Email from your account manager, who among other things will inform you of your mailbox number.

After checking out, you’ll receive a Welcome Email from your account manager, who among other things will inform you of your access codes, mailbox number and other important information.

If your mail is preceded by your business/company / trading name / personal name or designated director’s name there is no need to disclose the mailbox number to clients. Rest assured that your mail will be accurately allocated to your mailbox for you to collect at a convenient time

Your virtual office address will be your account name, plus the business centre address e.g. ABC Ltd or John Smith, Kings Head House, London End, Beaconsfield, Bucks, HP9 2HN

Your mailbox number will be allocated in sequence. Subject to availability you may request a particular number.

As standard we do not alert you have received mail into your mailbox. If you would like to be notified of when you receive mail please select our Mail Alert add-on product when you choose your mailbox Option. Charges apply.

As standardyou can collect Monday – Friday 9am to 6pm; Extended Hours between 8am to 9pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year can be purchased as an optional extra. Please enquire to

Remember that, to hold a UK driving license you must either have a British Passport, or be a legal resident in the UK.   You can use it as your correspondence address but must not claim it to be your residence. The advice from the DVLA is to include a short note with your application, explaining why you need to use an accommodation address; that you are constantly travelling, are living abroad temporarily, or simply have no fixed address in the UK etc.

The DVLA advice on submitting a V5C (log book) is exactly the same as above section .

No,falsely claiming the virtual office address as your ‘place of residence’ may leave you liable to prosecution.

Whilst you can use it as your virtual office address for your bank statements etc, claiming it to be your residential address when opening a bank account will almost certainly cause a problem when the bank carries out its own due diligence checks and does not find you listed on the local Electoral Roll.

We provide you with a local area landline telephone number, and our operator answers your calls during office hours (Monday – Friday 9 am to 6 pm).  Calls are answered by an auto-attendant greeting in your Company Name and then transferred to a member of our team.  Our operator will answer your call, obtain the customer’s name, company, and purpose of the call, and then, if you are available, warm transfer the call to you on the telephone number you have provided.

Our operators will email you a message with the customer’s name, contact details and purpose of their call

Calls will divert to your chosen number where you have the option to answer, or callers will hear your auto-attendant greeting and be given the option to leave a voicemail or call back during office hours.

No, the set-up fee and periodic charge are all that you pay.

No, our operators are trained to answer your calls, transfer them and take messages for you.

We provide you with a local area landline telephone number, and all your calls divert to that number for you to answer.

Yes, voicemail is included within this service