Pete product

What are the benefits
THis will be CMS'able - Includes 10 items forwarded to your nominated address once a month, Up to three trading or personal names, Choose from one of our 10 Market Town Addresses
What you need to know
You can use our address at Companies House as your Director's Correspondence Address. This is the public mailing address of yourself as director of the company and protects your home address from ending up in other databases. What happens to my letters? After you have formed your company or replaced the Directors Correspondence Address with our address the director may receive separate Companies House and HMRC correspondence. We then mail-forward these letters via Royal Mail 1st Class at no additional fee. What will I be notified of? When we receive letters on your behalf you are notified automatically when they are logged at our processing centre. The email will confirm that we have received a letter from HMRC/Companies House and will mail-forward it the same/next working day. What do I need to register? Our registration process is quick and easy. You will receive a welcome email after purchase and be invited to upload proof of ID and proof of address. You can then start to use our address the same day.